Q — I love helping people too! .. can I become an Exercise Simple coach?

A — Email us, info@exercisesimple.com

Q — I love helping people too! .. can I start an Exercise Simple franchise?

A — Email us, info@exercisesimple.com

Q — I’m having issues with the app, what can I do?

A — Message your coach or email us, info@exercisesimple.com

Q — Do you have corporate accounts for workplace wellness?

A — Soon! .. in our 2.0! Email us for more info, info@exercisesimple.com

Q — Why did you rock a mustache for the promo photo shoot?

A — My 4 year old son’s idea!

Q — What if I like to do other types of exercise?

Awesome! We actually encourage it .. ‘variety is the spice of life' .. on your interactive calendar, you can log all of your activities and your coach will see that, as you work towards your goals.

Q — What if I can’t complete the entire workout?

A — 1st, be super proud that you’ve started and then, do as much as you can. Your best effort, is all we need to get you stronger, healthier and happier!

Q — No but for real, what if I can’t do the full workout??

A — If you can’t do it all, try half .. if you can’t do half, try a quarter .. if you can’t do a quarter of it, do 1 minute! And the next time log on, do 2 minutes! Rome was not built in a day, and neither will your success. We are here for you. And we are committed to your long term achievement, health and happiness!

Q — Are these ‘regular folks’, actually paid actors?

A — Nope. Promise. Real people with real lives.

Q — Why did you start Exercise Simple?

A — This so-called ‘fitness industry’ keeps getting bigger and bigger, and yet, our society continues to get more and more unhealthy. There’s a huge disconnect. We proudly solve this problem.